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I write music for cartoons, games, and even voice act! Also I plucc G strings


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Posted by MisterJames - August 12th, 2021


I took some time from audio production so lemme spill some tea. Honestly everything’s going good. So far I spent most of the summer moving apartments, playing live gigs about 3 times a week, and spending time with loved ones. Been thinkin a lot about getting back on the audio production grind though since I really miss it. I have a really amazing track to share for the Eva Collab, And I’m deff gonna share it this week (I kept cock teasing, and thats no good 🦔). I’ve also been working on a really cool passion project thats picking up again 🎮 Just hustling one day at a time. In the mean time I highly recommend all the game jam tunes from this year! It was really fun working on music with time restrictions. That shit gives me an adrenaline rush. ✨Smell ya later Amigos✨

Mister James


Posted by MisterJames - March 25th, 2021

Seriously.. Ya'll are the best <3 thank you so much for 500 follows! The community on Newgrounds is seriously one of the bests I've ever been apart of. I really owe a lot to you guys and gals. Well anyway heres wonder wall. *gutar play*


Posted by MisterJames - January 25th, 2021


Posted by MisterJames - November 29th, 2020

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day with some big juicy thighs and some savory Mac n Chee Chee!

No more crab, but the lasagna stays. I'm trying out a new look, and name. In other good news I'm happy to announce I have some material debuting in the NG Voice Acting Collab, and a couple of tunes will premiere in the NG Advent Calendar! As far as original tunes goes I'm considering revisiting everything I uploaded in prior years for a potential EP release. I'll keep you posted! For quick updates and shit postings feel free to check out my Twitter (fuck Twitter thou) I'm always down for Genshin too so HMU

So Long Space Cowboy,

James Renna



Posted by MisterJames - August 1st, 2020

My new single Nica’s Dream released on all streaming platforms today! You can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, or even youtube! Heres a link to my brand new website where you can listen to Nica’s dream and other tracks! Enjoy :> Check check, one two


Posted by MisterJames - June 5th, 2019

Man.. I remember when I was fourteen just finding Newgrounds and being swept by how much passion people had for art animation and music. I'd spend hours watching Kringles, Egoraptor, and Adam Phillips. I've put it off too long, but I've always wanted to share my content here. In short I'm a musician, and I like composing music for media. I've worked a bunch of gigs from small Indy films to even working on a commercial for Ray Bans sunglasses. I record a variety of music, anywhere from Jazz to Chiptune. I listen to quiet a lot of different music. Snarky Puppy, John Mayer, Tennyson, Chili Peppers, Queen, Reel Big Fish...My taste is eclectic I know. I work with Logic X and Reaper, A scarlet along with a Shure microphone, and one million guitars. I'd also like to voice act so I'll upload samples soon. For now I'll upload what I already have from my audio portfolio. If you check it out I'd be very grateful. Thank you!